How a painting is made

A painting is made up of several layers. Preparing the right colors and mixing them is very important. This is a very important part of creating a successful, realistic seascape.

Mix the colors for the sky, apply them and then blend

In the next photo collection I show step by step how a seascape is produced. So you can see that it starts with underlayers, I let it dry for 2 days and then I start with the details. When everything is finished I let it dry for 3 to 4 days and then I varnish it all. Then dry again for 2 days and then make the frame around it.

This was a personal assignment for a customer. It is a work on a ground panel of 120x40x8 cm. I made the most use of Lukas oil paint. An excellent brand that requires little dilution.

This particular painting took about 40 to 50 painting hours. I usually paint for a maximum of 5 hours a day, otherwise the concentration will decrease.

The foam wave is reflected in the water
The foam is lifted by the wave

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